H&S Speedsec 6 GFL Pistol With barrel support EX DEMO LIKE NEW

Hoeppner & Schumann

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  • Fully adjustable competition speed holster
  • Height, tilt and swivel adjustment
  • Adjust muzzle support for increased safety
  • Equipped with a lock/unlock lever that secures the pistol in the holster and can easily be reached on the draw stroke
  • Second safety lever with pull-trough function
  • Constructed from injection moulded reinforced polymer
  • By changing the trigger guard spacer, trigger bar and muzzle platform the Speedsec 6 GF L can be converted for a variety of guns (all parts & tools are included)
  • Available only in black

The Speedsec 6 GFL can be converted for the following guns:
Tanfoglio Square Trigger Guard, Beretta 92FS, CZ 75, CZ SP 01, CZ SP2, CZ P 09, CZ P 10 (F), STI/SPS/SVI/ WA Infinity 5“/6“, Caspian Square Trigger Guard, PO / 1911er, Springfield 1911A1, Walther P 99, Walther PPQ, Walther PPQ Q7 Steel Frame, Maruzen P99 AS, Walther P22, Walther Maruzen P99 AS, Walther Xesse, Glock small Frame, Glock big Frame, Sig Sauer P226 S, Sig Sauer X5/X6, SIG / SAN 210, SIG P226 LDC, Beretta Vektor SP1/2, Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa, Weihai Hi Capa, WA SigArms GSR, Sphinx 3000, Sphinx 2000, Pardini GT9, S&W MP 9 (9L), S&W Target Champignon, GSG 1911/22 (without Pic.), GSG 1911/22 (with Pic.), Baikal P-446 Plastic(Metall-Frame), Steyr M9, Arsenal Firearms Strike One, Canik TP9 sfx, Springfield XDM 4,5, XDM 3.8, Springfield XDM .45

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